8. Publications

TSC has authored several publications 
 These publications are designed to assist the human capital practitioner.See list below for other publications not listed on this page.
Strategic Human Capital Management:  A Practical Guide 

by authors:  Dr. Susan Krup Grunin, Myra Howze Shiplett and Dr. Kerry Joels, 2008

Who should read this book: Government officials, managers, supervisors and by human resources consultants and personnel in both government and private sector.  The book contains worksheets following each chapter which provide key questions to ask and answer about an organization's strategic Human Capital Management issues and strategies.  

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Connotative Learning: The Trainer's Guide to Learning Theories 

Learn from experts how to implement different learning theories  when designing your training. The chapters are written by experts in each field such as Dr. Sue Stein, Dr. Beryl Harman, Dr. Maggie Martinez, Dr. John Bowden, Dr. Greg Kearsley, Dr. Dennis Mithaug, and many others.   This book may be purchased through the International Society for Continuing Education and Training: http://www.iacet.org/resourcecenter/publications


Connotative Leadership: A Practitioner’s Guide to Leadership Theories and Their Practical Application Edited by Dr. Sue Stein and Dr. Beryl Harman

Learn from experts how to implement the learning theory that fits for you.  Available in 2013.