6. Products and Services - Contact Us

TSC offers a wide variety of services 
 TSC's cadre of subject matter experts have the ability to provide, research and evaluation, coaching, consulting, course design and development, and quality training and instruction.

TSC's business model focuses on the customer, no job is too small.  Whether your needs require a  workshop to fill a competency gap or  obtain long term consulting and training to change a culture.   Our main desire is to provide quality products.  Visit with our customers and see what we have provided.

Are you looking for a good small business to assist you with human capital demands? 

Perhaps you need a small research project completed that will provide you an understanding of your training needs. 
Perhaps you need a workshop to provide knowledge of new policies.
Perhaps your supervisors, managers or executives would benefit from one-on-one coaching.
Perhaps you need a small business to revamp a course or design a new course that will engage your personnel.
Perhaps you have a course and need someone to come in and teach it?
If you do, or if you need a combination of things that we can deliver, contact us. Call CEO Dr. Susan Grunin at 202-412-1916 or email:  Susan.Grunin@Think-SC.com   We will be glad to help you with your needs. If we cannot, then we will recommend a reliable source that can.