A. Visit the CEO

Dr. Susan Krup Grunin is the CEO and President of Think Strategic Consulting, LLC.  She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia - School of Business and Technology and the University of Maryland's University College - Graduate School of Management.  Susan has served on the faculty for the federal Judicical Center and for various universities  - UVA, UMUC, AU, Loyola Univesity, Uof I, along with government agency universities:  CIA, PTO, AOUSC, DOI.   She teaches both online and classroom courses and designs and develops courses for a large number of other universities including:  MBA program at Green Mountain College, ITT and Daniel Webster College.  Her areas of specialization include Human Capital Management,  Executive Coaching, Instructional Design, Leadership Development and Diversity and Inclusion.. 
Dr. Grunin is a retired government executive with over 30 years of federal service, who has spent over five years as an executive coach and 8 years as a Strategy Management consultant for various companies and has consulted with various federal agencies and private sector companies.  She also is a retired Federal LEO, a federal crimiinal invesitgator who has taught for various federal universities including:  FLETC, the CIA U, AOUSC, DOI, and USPTO.  
Her graduate work is in Public Administration and Organizational Development/Design.  In 2008, she co-authored a book, Strategic Human Capital Management:  A Practical Guide, that has been used by various government agencies and the private sector.  Currently it is being used as the text for the CIAU for UVA for the graduate course- HR 507- Creating a High Performing Organization and for UVA's HC Capstone Course, HR 406. 
Susan is married with two adult children and lives with her husband and dog, Kimi, in Mclean Virginia. She is dedicated to providing quality service to her customers by ensuring satisfaction, on-time at a reasonable cost. Her philosophy is: “My team aims to please and delight our customers.”