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Executive Coaching Guidelines

Align executive coaching with the executive’s development, goals and
business strategies.
ur coaches understand that it is critical for an executive to  focus  on their strategic approach and

Carefully assess each coaching candidate.
Our coaches know that a request for coaching can mask multiple issues. Thus, we seek to determine
what other tools in addition to executive coaching are the best solutions for both the individual and
the organization.

Clarify stakeholders' roles.
In any coaching engagement,  our coaches ensure  that they  consider and manage the responsibilities
and expectations of all
stakeholders involved.

Establish confidentiality guidelines. 
Our coaches work with their executives to create general confidentiality rules for the program and
then establish particular guidelines for each coaching engagement.  

Set learning and business contracts. 
Our coaches recognize that the best coaching happens behind closed doors after coaches have
established clear standards and a learning contract.

Match potential coaches with executives. 
Our coaches recognize that
experience, skill sets, style, perspective and unique criteria (also age,
gender, race, if appropriate)
 have to be matched with the individual.  We recommend that the  
executive choose a coach who makes him or her "comfortably uncomfortable“ to ensure success.

Orient the coaches.
Our coaches understand TSC’s values, ethics, norms, structure, and history
  of building trust – the
essential ingredients for success

Define and monitor how success will be measured. 
Our  coaches understand how important it is to set goals and business metrics for both the individual engagement and the overall coaching program.